Savannah Homeless

Homeless around Savannah River Bridge

There are Many Homeless found in Savannah living in tents around the Savannah River Bridge. Many of the places are hard to reach with food and clothes.


Homeless Veteran Needing Help

Before all the Road Construction in certain area's of Savannah, many of the Homeless stayed out in the Cain Fields where we would bring clothes, Food, and other items they may have need of.


Many need Tents and Sleeping Bags

Homeless are needing Sleeping Bags and Tents to make a place to sleep and live.


Making Friends with our Homeless.

Helping our Homeless and being a Friend in the time of need.


Finding our Homeless.

You never know who you will meet or where they are located.


Ministering to our Homeless

The main focus with this ministry is ministering to the Homeless about Jesus Christ.


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